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Is craft killing your creativity?

You know why you're here. You have a story to tell. A good story. The pictures in your head are vivid, the characters rich, your life-experiences unique and particular to you. No one can see the world through your eyes. Nobody can ever tell your story but you. You know this, and yet... when you get it all down on paper it's flat, the character are shallow and nobody wants to read beyond the first page. It doesn't affect your audience in the way you know it should. And worse than that, it's clich├ęd. You are bemused and anguished but slowly you begin to understand why. Words are not enough Mere words are never as powerful as your memories. Stark sentences will never be as locked into your reader's sense-of-self as your imagination is to your psyche. So what do you do? Discovering craft You do the only thing that you can do – you discover there is a craft to writing, there are techniques for evoking feelings and responses in your audience. You

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